Resources for Event Planners

I cherish my partnerships with event planners

and look forward to our partnership to deliver the exactly right experience for your event and audience.

My speaking page includes keynote and workshop topics we can use as a starting point to craft the presentation for your event.

Below are resources to assist you in planning your event.

Please contact me by email or by phone at 425-444-7654 so we can work together to create a memorable experience for your audience.

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Resources for You

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Gifts for Your Audience

With every speech you book with me, I also provide tools and learning to extend the impact of your event.  Here are those tools.


This quiz prepares your audience before my speech or is a great resource to deliver in your show summary email.  It keeps your audience connected to your event and continuing to receive value. We can also prepare it as prework for your audience to present during the event.


“Would You Do That to Your Mother?” is now a complete 40-module video course, complete with downloads, huddle and workouts for your leaders and their teams. It’s usually $500.  But for you…

  • When you buy books for your audience, I will gift you 50 licenses to give to w合约交易所_数字交易homever you choose. Just give me their emails.
  • For your audience, when they buy ten books, I will also gift them the course. All they have to do is email me and let me know.


In the downloads section of this site…you can direct your audience to download additional materials to advance their cultural, leadership and experience transformation.  Some examples of what they can access there include:

What’s Our “Three Blocks Long?” Poster for Your Audience to Download here.

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